The appellation of Kalyan stands in testimony of undisputed Ayurvedic solutions. Our entity is unanimous in serving humanity with unprecedented dedication and resolute objective. When it comes to fulfilling our mission, we are determined not to give in.

We have been operational for the last thirty years. It’s been a long journey since we launched our production unit inside a little uninhabited place. Since then, the essence of Kalyan has been through a spate of metamorphosis and now we own a state of the art production unit in the heart of Bankra.

Quality is the topmost priority for us at Kalyan’s factory. We are committed to produce nothing but the most pristine and sterilized ayurvedic products for patients suffering from a variety of ailments.

Our packaging is ecofriendly as we recycle waste papers for our packaging. Our packaging can further be recycled for any other use. 

Our trained personnel will concentrate mainly on  professional work protocols. Being highly skilled, they are well-versed with the quality control processes. Thus, they will ensure utmost precision in every phase of production. Our quality management system is too strong because we ensure to provide a rigorous training program to all our production workers before they join us full time.

We have been the pioneers in manufacturing different variations of high-quality ayurvedic medicine which has brought in solace and record breaking remedy in the complicated medical conditions of millions of people.  Be it maintaining the quality of production or meeting the delivery schedule, we will never wriggle out of the timeline that we have committed.

Our vision is the secret behind our success. Women empowerment is one of the strong agendas which we have at Kalyan’s. Since inception, we have been providing encouragement for women in rural as well as semi rural belts. Till date, we have trained many women from various rural segments and offered them job opportunities. Sudha Adukia, who happens to be a woman entrepreneur at Kalyan, is a driving force behind many efforts in the fringe of women empowerment.

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